Monday, July 9, 2012

How Would an American Attack on Iran Unfold?

New F-22 Raptor Would Lead US Attack On Iran
In a previous post, I outlined how an Israeli strike on Iran might work.  I will revisit Israeli options for striking Iran on a regular basis.  Now, however, I would like to take a look at how a US attack on Iran might look.  The US magazine Aviation Week recently had an interesting article in which outlined when an American attack would occur and what would trigger it.

According to the article, the U.S. defense and intelligence community view 2013 as the likely window for a bombing attack on Iran's nuclear and missile facilities.  It could be sooner, but only if it appeared that Iran was on the verge of mounting a rapid dash for a nuclear weapon.  According to the article, the Obama White House and military advisers still need the following three questions answered before the US would launch a military attack on Iran:
•Is there really any need for a kinetic bombing campaign to further delay that country's much-feared nuclear and missile programs? 
•What would be the politically least painful time to launch such an attack? 
•Why not continue sanctions and cyberattacks indefinitely?
By the same token, however, it appears that a consensus is forming that Iran is trying to stretch out negotiations over the shut down of its nuclear weapons program.

According to the article, any American attack on Iran's nuclear facilities would be spearheaded by the new F-22 Raptors that have recently entered service, as well as by F-15's and F-16's.  All of the aircraft would use stealth technology.  Tomahawk cruise missiles from the US carrier groups in the Arabiab Sea would also be used.  My personal opinion is that absent real progress in the negotiations with the Iranians, if the Israelis do not attack Iran in 2012 before the US presidential election, then either President Obama or a newly-elected President Romney would lead a US raid on Iran's nuclear facilities in 2013.  Here is the full copy of the Aviation Weekly article referenced above.
F-22 Raptor Launches Air to Ground Guided Missile

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