Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Map of Israels-Iran War Scenarios in 2012

As I noted in a post from a couple of weeks ago, there was an excellent column by David Ignatius of the Washington Post outlining how Israel was determined to prevent Iran from getting a bomb.  With that said, I thought it would be helpful to review again some possible routes the Israeli Air Force would take if Israel attacked Iran.  As the map below shows, there are four possible routes:
  • Jordan -> Iraq -> Iran (the shortest at 1,750 Km)
  • Gulf of Aqaba -> Saudi Arabia -> Persian Gulf-> Iran (2,200 Km)
  • Lebanon -> Syria -> Turkey -> Iran (2,200 Km)
  • Gulf of Aqaba -> Saudi Arabia -> Kuwait -> Persian Gulf -> Iran (2,400 Km)
I will share additional maps over time.  One thing is clear though - if the shortest route for Israeli planes to attack Iran is 1,750 Km, the Israelis will be facing quite a challenge.
Four different routes Israeli planes could take to attack Iran's nuclear sites

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