Thursday, August 16, 2012

US Military Bases in the Middle East and Central Asia surround Iran

First, take a look at my previous two posts showing US military bases in the Middle East near Iran.  Here is map/post one; and here is map/post two.  Now, look at the map below.  As you can see, the US completely surrounds Iran with military bases.  In addition to the countries I noted earlier with US military bases in the region - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Iraq, Oman, Turkey, Israel, Kyrgzstan - I forgot to mention that the US military also has a base in Pakistan.  Of additional interest in the map below is:

  • Israel is thought to have a military presence in the former Soviet Republics of Georgia and Azerbaijan.  For a very interesting read, look at my previous post on how Israel might attack Iran using facilities in Azerbaijan.
  • This map also shows all of Iran's nuclear facilities that the US (or Israel) might attack.
  • Finally, an interesting highlight of Iran's demographics, looking at some of the ethnic groups around Iran's periphery.  These other ethnic groups in Iran include Arabs; Baluchis; Kurds; and Turkmens. Some of these ethnic groups have issues or grudges with the Iranian Government, and I am certain that both Israel and the US are finding ways to assist these minorities as a way of putting pressure on the Iranian regime.  Bear in mind though, this is NOT value judgement on this strategy; after all, the Iranians actively interfere in other countries' internal affairs, as they are constantly trying to find ways to use the Shiite populations of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to exercise influence in the region.
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  1. Question:
    How do you think the situation around Iran is going to develop?


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