Thursday, August 16, 2012

One more view of US military bases in the Middle East

I have decided to do a quick series of posts showing maps of US military bases in the Middle East.  Here is the first map of US military bases around Iran in the Persian Gulf countries.  This will help give readers a sense of the full power the American military can bring to bear against Iran (as well as, perhaps, a sense of why the Iranians might want the ultimate deterrent). A couple of interesting points about this map.  First, I did not realize that the US had a military presence in Uzbekistan.  Second, this map also includes the major oil producing spots in the Middle East. Note:I am at  @Global_Politico on Twitter

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  1. Thank you for the view of military bases in the middle east. But people can easily look into the map of us military bases website and see other bases around the world.