Saturday, March 10, 2012

Iran Attack 'Sheer Madness"

I just came across one of the best articles summarizing what would happen if Israel or the US attacks Iran.  Written by the British military and geopolitical strategist Max Hastings, the article argues that while an attack on Iran may be justified, the potential affects would be so catastrophic that it is something that must be avoided at all costs.  Mr. Hastings opinion is summarized nicely here:
The implications of such action are uncertain but assuredly immense - it would precipitate an open-ended conflict between Iran and the West.
I think this is probably the single best summary of the situation I have seen; yes, Iran is a "rogue state," but the costs so outweigh the benefits from the broader perspective that we in the US must not attack Iran ourselves and must argue strenuously to the Israelis that must not attack Iran either.  Do read Mr. Hastings article here.

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