Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Might Israel Attack Iran?

As the meeting between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to a close yesterday, it appeared as though the status quo still reigned. Obama asked the Israelis to allow time for sanctions and diplomacy to work, while Israel stated that it had made no final decision on Iran but that it was an option that remained open.  One anecdote from the meeting seemed to us to show how Netanyahu is, to some extent, driven by biblical stories in the same way Ahmadinejad is.
"Netanyahu gave Mr. Obama a copy of the biblical book of Esther, which tells of a Persian ruler in what is now Iran who ordered the execution of all the Jews in his kingdom -- but the Jews prevailed in battle.
"As he gave the gift, the prime minister is reported to have told the president, "Even back then, they wanted to wipe us out."
Given that an Israeli attack is still on the table, and will become increasingly likely as time passes with no negotiated solution, military analysts are increasingly laying out scenarios explaining from the military perspective how Israel might strike.  The best analysis I have seen is this one from the BBC.   The author, Jonathan Marcus, Lays out a variety of issues that would be involved for Israel, including the route its planes would take to reach Iran, what targets they could hit, the effectiveness of Israel's "bunker busting" bomb arsenal, and Iran's air defenses.  It is clear from reading this article that for Israel to be successful in striking Iran would clearly be no easy feat.


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  3. Hi, thank you for your work. I am new to this blog and I need to follow an see what your knowledge is.

    My greatest love is Israel and I was born in th ME 86 years ago and think that there is so liilt truth being reported.

    As far as Iran's nukes...... As Gordan Chang said on the 7:00 PM news yesterday, " The Chinese are helping Iran. They are provide Iran time and helping them like they did N Korea and they are proviving Iran with ICBMs that have payload capabilty....."

    The sanctions against Iran........One word.......Joke.
    Iran has been under sanctions for years and during the US Iraq war Iran was the sole provider of almost all goods sold in Iraq and the oil flowed across the border throughout the horrific conflict.

    Now. Over a billion Muslims call Bush the Great Crusader for a reason. And, back to the sanctions. India an China want all the Iranian oil and have Bartel deals already contracted to get around banking issues. And,the most important issue. Iran has re-flagged 75% of the ships with flags from 12 other countries and many with Venezuelan flags ,so, there oil an goods can be moved an insured. Don't believe the headlines they can't get insurance now an move any oil. They are masters at getting around sanctions.

    Back to Mr Bush.As the entire world watched for months the US republicans babbled about Iraq'a WMDs and the Democrats pounded home the 3 major reasons were not WMDs ,but, oil, oil and more oil.Finally Mr Bush laid out the real reason he would go to Iraq. Then he told the world on t/v what he was waiting for before he attacked.

    So, I will quote Mr Bush on the day he made it all clear. It was on the eve of the Senate vote on the Faith Based Program BILL vote.

    Mr Bush. " I believe the gospel is the American way of life ! And, i i i i i i want to bring that way of life to those people "..Well within 3 hours the Senate took that vote and then Sen Clinton led the charge an voted down that BILL....... Bush took action. He used an EX Order and viola it was Law and within 48 hours 800 million dollars of emergency money was doled out to 3 major US clergy including a known Muslim hater named Franklyn Grahm.. For Farsi Bibles and on the third day after the BILL was signed Bush launched the war.....In 8 days and Iraq'a army was destroyed and 120,000 civilians were toast. Almost a million dead Iraqi people. And, the killing kept up on a slow pace for years, Now arond a miilion died, For those who poo poo this number they should take a look at wiki leaks US document dump. So, as the decades go forward these young Iraqi who were told love us will not and Israel will get as much blame as the US.

    Sorry for the digressing.

    Iran most certainly has or can have the Nuke now. Israel has been jawbonning ,but, only the US has the capabilty to take action somewhat safely,but, Obama will not act. He also will not stop Iran and is not telling the truth.

    He will say just what he is saying concerning Syria vis Mr Pinetta now ! That Syria has top notch air defense an they might fight back.It's not like Libya an Iraq. We might get hurt and I don't want to put our blood in danger.

    So, some MAD plan needs to be put for. Even if Israel needs to land a nuke in a sparse area of Iran NOW to show Iran Israel can easily destory them if they dream of wipeing Israel out. Stopping Iran from getting nukes..... It is not possible and Iran knows.....No nukes an Iran is in peril.

    Iran has taken the lead in the Arab League meetings for 3 decades discussing weather the Arab nations could survive an Israeli nuclear strike and destroy Israll and the consensus was yes !

    SO, please....... Be realistic as my dear Bibi is begging the US to attack an stop Iran. Obama will not and will not lose to Mitt Romney.........

    We need to face reality !!!!!!!!!! Shalom

  4. NOTE: I am quite old an not skilled at writing,so, please excuse the errors. Shalom

  5. Actually Sampson, you're writing is quite good, and I think you are quite correct. At this point, only Obama could stop Iran's program, and he is not wanting to take a military action. Shalom! Josh (blog writer)

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