Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Most Dangerous Job in the World - Iranian Nuclear Scientist

As negotiations between Iran and the international community have moved forwards and backwards in fits in starts, a curious thing has been happening.  One by one, a number of Iran's top nuclear scientists have been killed.  The modus operandi has been similar in many cases.  A motorcycle in Tehran pulls up beside a car driving an Iranian nuclear scientist to work.  A bomb is stuck onto the side of the car as the motorcycle speeds off.  Seconds later, the car explodes.  There have now been five nuclear scientists assasinated as this article and video from the NY Times explain.  The working assumption by many is that Israel's Mossad spy agency is behind these attacks.  However, while its doubtful that the Iranian nuclear program in so concentrated in the minds of a few people, one affect - as the cartoon from the NY Times below notes - is to create fear within Iran's nuclear scientific community.  Will this work?  Highly unlikely, but the idea is to create confusion and tension within Iran's leadership.
Being an Iranian Nuclear Scientist is a Dangerous Job These Days

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