Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Iranian Nuclear Program - A Map of Iran's Nuclear Sites

Location of Iran's Nuclear Sites
That Iran has a nuclear program is not in doubt.  As this overview notes, the Iranians have had a nuclear development program dating back to the 1950s.    The main international agency that analyzes nations' nuclear development is the International Atomic Energy Agency, or IAE, which is part of the United Nations.  Iran has long claimed that their nuclear development program is for peaceful purposes and will merely be used to generate power.  The IAE though has recently become increasingly convinced however that Iran's ultimate goal is to produce nuclear weapons.  As the map above shows, the Iranian nuclear program is quite extensive, and the evidence certainly indicates that Iran has been taking steps towards developing a nuclear weapons capability.  The question is, are they determined to cross the threshold of becoming a nuclear weapons power, or are they simply interested to develop the capability to do so without taking the final step.

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