Monday, August 13, 2012

Israeli Attack on Iran - Fascinating Interview in Haaretz with "the decision maker"

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak - the "decision maker"

In a post yesterday, I noted that an Israeli attack on Iran seemed to be getting closer.  Today, I just came across a very long and detailed article on the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.  Haartez is considered a left wing Israeli paper, and it is targeted very much at at international readers.  The article is written by one of their top journalists Ari Shavit, who is quite plugged into the Israeli national security establishment.

The article is one of the more extraordinary I have read on the whole Israel-Iran conflict.  In the article, Shavit conducts an extensive interview with a person in the Israeli government referred to in the article as "the decision maker".  There are hints throughout the article that make it clear that the "decision maker" is Israeli
Defense Minister Ehud Barak.  It is Barak, along with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will decide if and when Israel attacks Iran to destroy its' nuclear program.  In the article, the interview - presumably Ehud Barak - says the following:
"As the Iranians continue to fortify their nuclear sites and disperse them and accumulate uranium, the moment is approaching when Israel will not be able to do anything. For the Americans, the Iranians are not yet approaching the immunity zone − because the Americans have much larger bombers and bombs, and the ability to repeat the operation a whole number of times. But for us, Iran could soon enter the immunity zone."
"And when that happens, it means putting a matter that is vital to our survival in the hands of the United States. Israel cannot allow this to happen. It cannot place the responsibility for its security and future in the hands of even its best and most loyal friend."
As I noted yesterday, I think Israel is not just posturing, but rather is deadly serious about striking the Iranian nuclear program on its' own if significant progress between Iran and the West is not seen soon.  As the Haaretz article seems to indicate, zero-hour is fast approaching.

Here is the Haaretz article.  Registration is required to read Haaretz, but it takes 30 seconds and is free.  If you are interested in this subject, this is a MUST READ  piece.

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