Monday, April 9, 2012

Map of Israeli First Strike Attack on Iran: How Would it Work?

Peter Goodspeed of the Canadian newspaper National Post wrote an excellent analysis recently of how an Israeli first strike attack on Iran's nuclear program might work.  Goodspeed predicts that an Israeli attack on Iran would involve the following components:

Israel Jericho Missiles Attack on Iran
How Israel Would Attack Iran in 2012
  • Israeli long-range missile strikes using their Jericho missiles;
  • 100 Israeli Air Force (IAF) planes using bunker-busting missiles on Iran's nuclear targets;
  • Additional IAF planes will knock out Iran's power grid;
  • Submarine launched cruise missiles;
  • A new wave of Israeli cyber attacks against Iranian nuclear targets;
  • Most intriguingly, helicopter-borne commandos attacking Iran's nuclear sites
Goodspeed's article is absolutely worth a full read.  

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