Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Dose of Sanity: "Iran's Leaders Not Crazed, Suicidal"

As the war drums continue to beat for an attack on Iran, the rhetoric seems to grow more extreme.  Martin Peretz of the New Republic is the latest example of this.  With an article entitled  "All of Western Civilization Could Soon Be Threatened By a Nuclear Iran" Peretz states the following"
"Before you know it, in fact, all of Western civilization will be in the dock … and all of Iran’s highly plausible threats and convincing menace will be right there about to be executed."
Yikes!  Interestingly enough, a dose f realism comes from the most unexpected of places, the right wing Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post.   I usually associate that paper with the somewhat alarmist views of opinion writer Caroline Glick, who usually has a most dire spin on things in writing.  Hence, I was extremely surprised when another I saw an opinion column from another Post columnist Barry Rubin entitled Iran war hysteria surpasses all bounds of sanity.  I encourage you to read the entire piece, but the sentences below also summarize Rubin's piece nicely:
"Iran doesn’t have deliverable nuclear weapons. It is not about to have deliverable nuclear weapons. Israel is not about to attack Iran. The United States is certainly not about to attack Iran. The whole idea that the leaders of Iran are crazed, suicidally minded people who expect the twelfth imam to arrive nextThursday is simply not true."
The article does end with some, shall we say, right of center rhetoric on other subjects in the region, but overall I must say that the article was a refreshingly different perspective on Iran.

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